CPL and Div 1 team managers to register in PlayHQ as Coaches

Published Tue 04 Jun 2024

CHA Rules state only 3 management (coaches, assistant coaches, managers) are allowed in the dugouts during matches. 

CHA is requesting all coaches AND managers to register on PlayHQ as a COACH, as PlayHQ only allows teams to add coaches to the electronic match cards but does not allow the addition of managers. 

The only time where 4 management personal are permitted in a teams dugout is when the fourth person is a CHA approved physio/Doctor. Anyone approved by CHA to be the additional person in the dugout will be communicated to our technical officials.

Players on Match cards To be eligible to be added as a player on the match card you must be a fully uniformed player present with all hockey required equipment for match day.

Maximum number of players 16 - on electronic match cards and in the dugouts during a game is 16  if 1 x fully kitted goalkeeper

Maximum number of players 18 if there are 2 x fully kitted goalkeepers.