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CHA Rules and regulations for hockey for each grade -   AND    CHA Junior Hockey Competition 


Carlton Redcliffs CHA allocated umpiring venue- St Andrews (STAC) site 

Carlton Redcliffs is allocated the STAC venue by CHA and are responsible for Club Hosting / Managing the STAC venue.  CHA appoint times to each game in the draw and Carlton Redcliffs organise the umpires for these games.  Carlton Redcliffs provides Umpires for games at STAC starting at 10.05am until 11.50am (you will umpire 2 games).   We are also strongly supported by St Andrews College Umpires as well.  10.15am and 11am)

 Platinum Girls Black and Platinum Boys Teams will be rostered on by their team Manager to do these games at the STAC Turf each week.  This requires two umpires for each slot that your team is appointed to, and It generally does not require a big commitment.   However if a player is interested in becoming a regular umpire we will put them onto a set game slot each week and will assist them to learn and progress in the Umpiring programme.  In 2021 we had some young umpires who did this and they moved up to Junior 11 aside umpiring by the end of season which was excellent progress.  

Young players need help especially at the beginning of the season  to understand the rules including Long corners especially and you can certainly help them to set up, etc. if needed. 

The Umpire Mentor / Supervisor is appointed by Carlton Redcliffs and is based at the venue to supervise the Umpires and support them.  In 2022 Kelsie Baigent and Pippa Baker are our Umpires' Mentor   They will be there to support you and get you started.   Occasionally someone may need to cover them for part of the morning or if she is away and there are two others who support this.  There will always be someone there to support our umpires.
CHA Site Supervisor -   Kelsie and Pippa
CHA Venue Supervisor Manual -   Pāwhiri ki kōnei

Games @ STAC - 2023
Kiwistick Year 5 & 6 Game rules    2022 Junior Hockey Guidelines CLICK HERE    

Please note the biggest change is that we no longer have Penalty corners in our kiwi sticks grades. The rationale is as follows
  *   The time it takes out of a match to execute a Penalty corner is better spent keeping the ball in play with a free hit.
  *   With most penalty corners being a straight hit it is a low skill - higher danger part of the game
  *   It removes the cost/administration of having penalty corner gear for defender in this grade
  *   Practise time can be spent on other skills of the game compared to a part of the game that only really involves two attackers

This change may take a week or two to bed in but is a change we feel is a positive move for the development of the game.








Equipment - Must have and bring YOUR OWN WHISTLE  and a warm jacket.    
Cancellations  - Check the CHA website  and  facebook or listen to 3ZB to find out if there are any cancellations.

Umpire roster:  Platinum Girls Black and Platinum Boys Teams do the umpiring at STAC venue.  The game roster is below.   

Platinum Girls' Black and Platinum Boys' Managers put a roster together within their team for players to umpire each week.
Each week there will need to be 2 umpires from the rostered team on the roster. 
The times for your team will be consistent every week.

Generally umpires will all do up to two games in a row. …that’s 1hr+15mins total. …similar to one senior game time.
Start time - You will need to be there at @ 10:05am 
Finish time  - approx @ 11:50am

St Andrews College umpires will generally cover the first 3 early slots. (8.30am and  9.15am). We occasionally (for good reasons) have to cover these as well and will ask for more players to do this in a one off situation if needed.   


6th May        10.15am- 11.45am  2 x umpires required     -      Platinum Women Black 
13th May      10.15am- 11.45am -  2 x umpires required   -      Platinum Women Black 
20th May       10.05am- 11.45am - 2 x umpires required   -      Platinum Women Black 
27th May      10.05am- 11.45am  - 2 x umpires required   -     Platinum Women Black 
10th June      10.05am- 11.45am  - 2 x umpires required   -     Platinum Women Black 
17th June      10.05am- 11.45am  - 2 x umpires required   -     Platinum Women Black 
24th June     10.05am- 11.45am  - 2 x umpires required   -     Platinum Women Black   



Change Over 
1st  July             10.05am- 11.45am  - 2 x umpires required   -     Platinum Men 
8th July             10.05am- 11.45am  - 2 x umpires required   -     Platinum Men 
22nd July          10.05am- 11.45am  - 2 x umpires required   -      Platinum Men  
29th July          10.05am- 11.45am  - 2 x umpires required   -     Platinum Men           
5th August      10.05am- 11.45am  - 2 x umpires required   -     Platinum Men           
12th August    10.05am- 11.45am  - 2 x umpires required   -     Platinum Men        



Kiwisticks Umpiring & rules - Appendix 2


20th August    10.05am- 11.45am  - 2 x umpires required   -     Platinum Men            


Click for 2021 link to CHA rules of the six aside y5/6 games.

CHA Rules for umpiring - 25 June 2020

Ministicks Umpiring & rules

CHA Rules for umpiring - 25 June 2020