2024 Subs

SUBS 2024 - The subs have been set by the Carlton Redcliffs Committee.   The subs this season have dropped by $10 per player and the club has managed to absorb the $8pp Canterbury Hockey Association increase.  The club has managed to do this due to generous grants last season and the support of our sponsors Just Hockey, The Bealey, Sumner SuperValue and Club Redcliffs. 

HELP THE CLUB and yourselves - Please register for the Just Hockey MVP loyalty program. What do you get for this?

1/ 10% off any purchase.

2/ The club get 5% of your spend as part of our sponsorship = lower subs for you.

3/ You go into the draw for Just Hockey vouchers.  The draw is made from the players registered with the Just Hockey MVP Loyalty program.

 All the committee members are volunteers

If a player needs financial support with paying the subs, please contact our secretary Sheena or Treasurer JD for a confidential conversation or discuss with your coach or manager.  See below for family discounts and part payment information.

REGISTRATION INFORMATION- Click here  In 2024 subs are part of the PlayHQ registration.  You will be sent this link once teams are announced. 

Carlton Redcliffs registration includes options of credit card, direct to bank account or part payments. Players who select bank and part payments will need to arrange to pay their sub amount, using the bank account shown on the PlayHQ invoice.  Reference your team name and PlayHQ invoice number.  Please can you action this so our volunteers don't need to follow up with you.

Bank account  and part payments pay directly to Carlton Redcliffs Bank Account Number: 06 0831 0073139 00

**  LATE PAYMENT FEE - A late fee of $50 will apply IF subs are not paid or a 40% payment made before 7 May for SENIORS or 1 June for JUNIORS & PLATINUM

2024 Early   Student Early                                                       
CPL $475   $395  
Div 1 $455   $385  
Super and Sunday League $450                         $370  
Mid Week Open $355   $325  
Platinum     $310  
Kwick Sticks  - Year 7 & 8     $185  
Kiwi sticks  - Year 5 & 6     $160  
Ministicks - Year 3 & 4     $150  
Casual Rates: Registration fee Per game fee

Super Sunday League and above

$70 $35                                                                                   
MWO, Platinum and Juniors $70 $25


*         PAYMENT DATE or PART PAYMENT communication We are happy to receive installments, but we do need to hear from you BEFORE the 7 May for SENIORS or 1 June for JUNIORS & PLATINUM.

**     FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE If a player needs financial support with paying the subs, please contact our secretary Sheena for a confidential conversation or discuss with your coach or manager

***   SECONDARY PLAYERS We realise that for those who are perhaps playing both club and school hockey that this represents a significant financial outlay. If this is likely to cause significant difficulties or perhaps a decision to no longer play for our club please get in touch with our secretary Sheena

N.B. CHA gives schools approx $50 per secondary school players if they play for school and club, discuss this with your school.


Secretary - Sheena Sherratt-Smith - reddos.secretary@gmail.com or 027 249 2285 
Treasurer - Jonathon Davis - reddos.treasurer@gmail.com or 027 432 8980

- The subs you pay don't fully cover the CHA costs and turf hire for trainings.  Grants and sponsors cover the balance of the CHA costs and turf hire, along with paying for the ball, uniform playing strips, goalie gear, club functions and running of the club.  

- The 2024 subs are a decrease from 2023

Many thanks

Julian Newman and Jonathan Davis
Carlton Redcliffs Hockey Club President and  Club Treasurer