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In 2022 Canterbury Hockey in partnership with Hockey New Zealand are moving to a new membership management system named PlayHQ and different age groups need to register for the relevant competition click for different age groups- Senior, or Junior.      If they are not registered, they cannot be added to the match card and they cannot play. We have created a page of instructions for Players to use CLICK HERE

MATCH CARDS - Seniors and Platinum only.  Not required for Juniors

ELECTRONIC SCORING - Seniors and Platinum





COACHES AND MANAGERS   Match cards and Electronic scoring

MATCH CARDS or GAME TEAM LISTS - These are called Line Ups in PlayHQ. 

-  ALL SENIOR, YOUTH AND SCHOOL TEAMS MUST DO MATCH CARDS.  Match cards need to be completed online prior to the match for every game, including the player numbers for THAT game i.e. Alternate strip and fill-in players.  
 - NO MATCH CARDS FOR JUNIORS -  We won't be doing electronic match cards for juniors.   In the junior space please get them to register in the appropriate age group but we do not require them to be put in specific teams (unless you want to for your own purposes) as

()   INSTRUCTIONS -PlayHQ MATCH CARDS/"PLAYER LINE UPs"  -CLICK HERE  or "My Teams" section - video info               
                       - Coaches and Managers log in to PlayHQ to create the match cards (Line Up) each week  
                       - Club admin can also do Team Line Ups      
()   PLAYER LINE UP CUT OFF - Entering and adjustments - Will they be available right up to game start or will they be locked out prior?  Yes right up to game time.  No functionality to note Captain or Goalkeeper.  Ideally the coach/manager will do their team line up in the week leading up to the match and then at that turf on the day and just do any edits and add their fill ins.  The nominated team members will be allocated to the team.

()  AT THE TURFS - We will have a tablet allocated to each individual turf (eg 3 tablets at nunweek park) so their game day can be completed there if necessary 







() CASUAL PLAYERS/Fill in players - NOT registered currently playing for a Carlton Redcliffs Team.  These will need to be done at the Turf on the tablets or the Club Admin can do this.  (Sheena:)) using  basic contacts and DOB.   "Fill ins" get automatically marked as a fill in (as advised by NZH).             *FYI - PlayHQ working on this for Managers - Click here for information.

       There is an “add fill in”button that allows you to add anyone – they don’t have to be a member.


() PUBLIC PUBLISHED PLAYER LINE UPS - These will be published online at the games start time and everyone will be able to see these.

()  Total numbers of players - All teams can have 16 – CPL can have 18 (Minimum of 14) .  Please ensure all your teams have their minimum quantity of players allocated to their squad before their first match. CPL 14 players and the all other teams  12 players. Please ensure you have this complete before this coming Friday 1st April  for your senior teams.

()  MEMBERS who are involved with different clubs -  e.g. Coach at Uni but play at Carlton Redcliffs?  Members just need to register in both under the different roles.     

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  (i)    Electronic scoring CHA information document. - CLICK HERE  
  (ii)   Electronic scoring  CPL and Div 1 will have match officials doing it. For other grades it will be supervisors and umpires.
  (iii)  Player stats - Field goals and PCs and cards will be recorded
  (iv)  Live scoring- CPL and Div 1 will be live scored. Other Grades will just have the full time score entered after matches or quarter
              - VENUE SUPERVISORS JUNIOR PLAYHQ Help sheet - Pāwhiri ki kōnei  

  []  Device and Browser compatibility - CLICK HERE   Electronic Scoring a Game video CLICK HERE

  []  Resources  -Webinar 21 March



HOW TO INFO - How to register a Player, Coach or Team Manager  - CLICK FOR VIDEO LINK or Instructions


PLAYHQ  - NZ Hockey website link 

                  - Webinar recordings - CLICK HERE

                  - PlayHQ videos

                  - WEBINARS -

                  - VIDEOS

                                      -My Teams - Video link - UIsed by managers

                  - PlayHQ Team Staff Features in My Teams





ADMIN only -

[]  LINE UPS |Match cards PlayHQ info-

  -->? CHA - CUT off time - To be advised by CHA


[]  Game Centres


   - Coach and Manager PlayHQ Management access -  CPlayHQ info doc CLICK HERE   or see Webinar video 1:07:02"
           Admin give "Management access" to Coaches and Team Managers-  This means coaches and managers can see players allocated to a Team and their summary contact information and (b) add players to “Line Up”, player numbers and possibly even enter the scores? Assign cards and goal type.  See PlayHQ Team Staff Features in My Teams You Tube - Coach and Manager view @ 1:20" - Squad
             (i) Admin - Go into Teams
             (ii) View and find Coach
             (iii) Slide toggle = Coach or Manager can see Summary or contact details


MATCH CARDS - "LINE UPS" -  Team lists for a game 
             Manager view - Add a Line up (Match card) CLICK HERE for webinar hockey video @1:09:20
             Add players from within the existing team s
             Adjust shirt numbers
             Captain of the team -NOT able to add at the moment
             Add fill-in players - NOT able to at the moment


Managers can see this in their My Teams - Squad team list



        Multiple roles ie. Coach, Manager and Player - Completes duplicate enrolments for each role
        Player statistics - Players can view their stats, goals, cards, games - CLICK HERE for PlayHQ info
        Privacy status - How to turn on privacy settings so no one can see stats publically PlayHQ webinar Club competition management 1:02:04"


[]  TRANSFERS 2022

  •  A club to club transfer.   Registering a member that played for a different club last season.  

          i)    Club secretary needs to go through the Attached list exported from PlayHQ of 2022 senior transfers to date (ive sorted it) and check the players that have registered for a club in 2022 but noted in the custom questions that they played for your club in 2021.
          ii)   Decline transfer - The only action you need to take is if this transfer is declined please email their new club and copy me in noting that the transfer is declined and the reason.
          iii) This system relied on our participants filling out their registration questions directly so it may not have captured everyone. If you think this list is way off and you have had more leave your club please let me know and we will switch to plan B. 

          iv) In regards to your clubs unfinancial players - Please either add them to the unfinancial sheet

  •   An Association to Association transfer and registration. Sam Grimshaw will sort out the Association transfers at my end and let clubs know if any of their new players are declined..

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 [] ... - Intro
Create PlayHQ profile
Background set up work                       
                       - Admin sets up Teams and allocated to grades (as advised to CHA)
                       - Players, coaches and managers register 
                       - Admin allocates them to a team initially
                       - Team lists (Team line ups) entered by Coaches and Managers or Admin
                       - Club admin can also do Team Line Ups 
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                       - ..   Login view    
                       - .. Squad
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